BARG DVD 2 (1982-1988)

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This is the first of a series of four DVDs planned to be produced on a 6-monthly basis over a two-year period starting in the summer of 2016.

Between 1958 to 2000 the British Aviation Research Group produced approximately 29,000 pages of primarily military aviation data and photographs in BARG’s magazines and many other books and monographs.

BARG has for years felt that it would be very sensible to digitise all such information so it would be easily accessible to present and future historians and researchers.

Each DVD contains around 7,000 pages of indexed and digitally searchable data, photographs and memorabilia.  The DVD also contains search instructions.  The most challenging and complex, is DVD 1 (1957 -1981) containing different sizes of newsletters and magazines of varying quality, printing methods and typefaces, ranging from stencils to those produced with the now obsolete inked-fabric ribbon and electric ‘Golfball’ typewriter.  DVD 1 will be produced out of sequence.

After DVD 2, the sequence of subsequent DVDs is a follows: DVD 3 (1989-1994), DVD 1 (1957-1981) and DVD 4 (1995-2000)

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6 reviews for BARG DVD 2 (1982-1988)

  1. Paul McMillan

    Got DVD today many thanks
    Very, very good
    Great effort to all involved

  2. Geoff Pyke

    My copy of the first published BARG DVD (Volume 2) 1982 – 1988 arrived just now.

    Very professionally produced – very pleased.
    It also includes BARG visit reports and checklists that BARG created for some air shows.

    Congratulations to all involved.

    Can’t wait to hear when the next volume will be published.

  3. Jeff Jefford

    DVD2 received.
    Well done. Really – ‘Well done’ to everyone involved in the enterprise.

  4. Ken Dalton

    Yes, DVD arrived today with thanks.
    Very impressed with your hard work in getting this wealth of information onto DVD.

  5. John McCrickard

    Thank you very much indeed for BARG DVD 2.

    This is a wonderful high quality production – thank you to you and the team for all your hard work in making such data available in very convenient form.

    All power to you in producing the further DVDs!

  6. Trevor Bartlett

    Just a brief note to say thank you so much for the BARG DVD which arrived this morning.
    Just like the old days with the magazine arriving through the letterbox, followed by happy hours of reading (and cursing what I had missed). I am now wallowing in nostalgia and wondering where the years have gone.

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