DVD Search Facility Instructions


This series of DVDs has been produced using PDF files. For those not familiar with searching such documents, brief instructions will be found below.


If you do not have Adobe Reader then you can easily download it for free by clicking on this link: https://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/


  1. Open the PDF in Adobe Reader.
  2. To perform a basic search. Press CTRL-F (PC) or Command (⌘)-F (Macintosh).A search box will be displayed
    in the upper right of the screen. Enter your search term criteria. Type the word or phrase you want to search for in the entry field e.g. Harrier, Lakenheath or a serial eg XV352. Use the small left and right arrows in the blue search box to skip to the previous or next instance of the searched-for word.
  3. The box also has a Down Arrow, this opens a new dialogue box; click “Open Full Reader Search” to access the Advanced Search.
  4. As an alternative you can also access Advanced Search directly as follows press:-
    Shift-CTRL-F (PC) or Shift-Command (⌘)-F (Mac). A new window will open alongside your document with more options.
    Enter your search term there. You can also select whether to search just the current document or all PDF documents in the folder or the entire DVD.
  5. To do a detailed search. At the bottom of the Advanced Search window is a link to display even more comprehensive options. This will let you search in specific locations for an instance of a search phrase, more search rules, and more additional criteria.
  6. Click on the Search button. Matching results will be listed in context, so that you can jump to any of them quickly, simply by clicking on the desired line.
  7. Close out the search. Click the Close Window button to close the Search PDF pane, or click New Search to start a new search.


(A) Open the PDF in Adobe Reader (B) To perform a basic search. Press CTRL-F (PC) or Command (⌘)-F (Macintosh) (C) To perform an advanced search; for more comprehensive search criteria, press Shift-CTRL-F (PC) or Shift-Command (⌘)-F (Mac) (D) Do a detailed search. … (E) Click on Search button…. (F) Close out the search.

Above data correct to 25th August 2016 – MHP