Images below are samples of actual scans used in DVD 2 which were taken from original magazines.

Click on a corner to turn the pages. Click on an area to zoom in (when zoomed in click, hold and drag to move page around), press Esc or click again to zoom out.

The DVD is in PDF format and contains a search function.

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DVD2 Available Again


DVD 1 1957-1981
Due for release in 2020


DVD3 Available Again


DVD 4 1995-2000
Due for release in 2020

Each of the 4 DVDs contains:

  • Around 7,000 pages
  • Indexed and digitally searchable data
  • Photographs and memorabilia
  • PDF format
  • Search Function
  • Search Facility Instructions

Both DVD 2 and DVD 3 are available again. The next one will be the long-awaited DVD 1, expected to be released in 2020, which covers the period from 1957 to 1981. We expect DVD 4 to be available in 2020 also.


Background to the DVDs

Between 1957 and 2000 the British Aviation Research Group (as it became known after a total of four name changes) produced approximately 29,000 pages of primarily military aviation data and photographs in BARG’s magazines and many other books and monographs.

BARG has for years felt that it would be very sensible to digitise all such information so it would be easily accessible to present and future historians and researchers.

Each DVD contains around 7,000 pages of indexed and digitally searchable data, photographs and memorabilia. The DVD also contains search instructions. The most challenging and complex, is DVD 1 (1957 -1981) containing different sizes of newsletters and magazines of varying quality, printing methods and typefaces, ranging from stencils to those produced with the now obsolete inked-fabric ribbon and electric ‘Golfball’ typewriter. DVD 1 will be produced out of sequence.

Both DVD 2 and DVD 3 are now available again; the sequence of subsequent DVDs will be as follows: DVD 1 (1957-1981) and DVD 4 (1995-2000).

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